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Blacktown Workers recieves the award. Blacktown Workers recieves the award. Featured
18 June 2024 Posted by 


Pilot program at Blacktown North Public 
A PROJECT at Blacktown North Public School helping children and their families repair the damage of COVID lockdown and who may have been affected by family and domestic violence has won Workers Lifestyle Group the Education category award in the ClubsNSW 2024 Clubs & Community Awards.
The ClubsNSW Clubs & Community Awards are open to all NSW clubs and are reviewed by an independent panel of judges. 
Workers has funded the highly successful Resilient Kids pilot program, run by school and community support service Learning Links at Blacktown North since 2022, so far to the tune of $43,485.
COVID cost some children two years in the classroom, parents who often didn’t speak English at home struggled to support their learning during that time, and they returned to school burdened not just by educational lags but behavioural adjustment problems.
The Resilient Kids program at Blacktown North Primary School provides support from Learning Links’ specialist educators and psychologists to the youngsters, their parents and teachers.
“We work with these children, we raise them up and the results that we got from the school, Blacktown North, was just incredible,” said Don Tilley, Learning Links’ general manager, funding and partnerships.
“It was just the start of what we plan to do moving forward.”
Workers Lifestyle Group will continue to support Learning Links and the program as it is rolled out to other Blacktown area schools.
“Don’s team came up with the idea for this program, to start working in schools right at the grass roots of everything that has happened, to try to improve educational outcomes,” said Workers Lifestyle Group's chief executive officer Morgan Stewart.
“All the metrics say that it works and we at Workers just couldn’t be prouder to be part of it.”
At the Clubs & Community Awards, on Thursday evening (June 6), Workers Lifestyle Group was also a finalist in these categories:
Arts, Culture & Entertainment, for Blacktown Story – Connecting with Sky and Songlines.
Social Inclusion, for CEO & Co – Homeless in Blacktown.
Heart of the Community, Andrew Scott, CEO of Carevan Blacktown, lending a helping hand.
In the year to August 2023, Workers Blacktown and Workers Sports contributed $962,748 through ClubGRANTS to 62 community, charity and sporting groups.
In all, Workers Lifestyle Group contribute more than $3M annually to the Blacktown and surrounding community in grants, facilities and benefits to community and sporting groups, charities and schools.


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