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The winning team from Alpha Medical. The winning team from Alpha Medical. Featured
04 December 2023 Posted by 


Alpha Medical wins for quality improvement
PENCS has announced the winners of the PenCS Awards for 2023. Eight Award Winners, chosen from around Australia, were recognised for their outstanding contribution to data-driven quality improvement in General Practice and Aboriginal Member Services using health informatics.
The winners included Seven Hills based - Alpha Medical Centre.
The winners were announced on December 1 at the Playhouse at the Nida Theatres Sydney in Kensington. Winners receive a trophy and a $500 cash prize.   
The 2023 PenCS Awards saw 22 Finalists recognised for achievements in primary health care in Australia, with respect to Primary Health Networks and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations.  
Awards were presented by high profile members of the healthcare profession including:
  • Dr Michael Bonning - President of Australian Medical Association (AMA) and Chief Medical Officer.
  • Professor Meredith Makeham - Associate Dean for Community and Primary Health Care with the Faculty of Medicine and Health at The University of Sydney.
  • Dr Amandeep Hansra - Founder of Creative Careers in Medicine.
  • Dr Kean-Seng Lim, General Practitioner, Practice Principal at Mt Druitt Medical Centre and Chief Medical Adviser for PenCSTerese Abbey - Volunteer for the Australian Patients Association.
  • Dr Thomas Wenkart - Chairman/CEO/Founder at Macquarie Health Corp.
  • MC Edweana Wenkart – CEO of PEnCS.
The PenCS a ward winners for 2023 were:  
  • Alpa Medical Centre (NSW) - Quality Improvement Initiative of the Year Award.
  • Growlife Medical (QLD) - Patient-Centered Care Award.
  • Gunyah of Wellness (QLD) -'Closing the Gap' Award.
  • Our Medical Crows Nest (NSW) - Research in General Practice Award.
  • Rosedale Medical Practice (NSW) - Sustainable Business Award.
  • Silky Oaks Medical Practice (QLD) - Data Quality Award.
  • Sunraysia Medical Centre (VIC) - Data-driven Clinical Excellence Award.
  • Dr Janice Tan (NSW) – Digital Innovation Award (Sponsored by Creative Careers in Medicine).
Commenting on the Awards, PenCS CEO, Edweana Wenkart, said: “We are thrilled to announce eight winners of the 2023 PenCS Awards. Congratulations to all Award winners for showing exemplary performance using health informatics, in each respective category, in a competitive environment.
"Winners demonstrated excellence using evidence-based insights to improve patient care in General Practice and Aboriginal Member Services. We also acknowledge the Primary Health Networks and Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations who work with them to drive these outcomes.
We were highly encouraged by the quality of candidates across Australia for PenCS Awards this year, including 22 Finalists. We look forward to continued success, recognising outstanding achievements in primary care in 2024 and beyond.”
About the PenCS 2023 award winners:
1. Alpha Medical Centre (NSW) - Quality Improvement Initiative of the Year Award.
Leveraging PenCS software, including CAT and Topbar, Alpha Medical Centre's impactful initiative targeting cardiovascular diseases screened 919 patients aged 45+, detecting 5 new cases of Atrial Fibrillation and 14 CVD diagnoses. Active participation in PDSA cycles underscored their commitment to data accuracy, resulting in improved patient outcomes. This initiative exemplifies Alpha Medical Centre's dedication to quality improvement and effective translation of data into actionable interventions.
2. Growlife Medical (QLD) - Patient-Centered Care Award.
 Growlife Medical's mission to foster Australia's healthiest community involved an initiative to target cervical screening, identifying 36-39% of patients to date. Employing PenCS software, the team conducted a patient-centric campaign, doubling cervical screening rates through tailored strategies and a clinic-wide education effort. The Clinical Advisory Group expertly utilised PenCS software, CAT, transforming data into actionable interventions, exemplifying Growlife's commitment to high-quality, patient-centered care at both individual and population levels. The group's innovative strategies, driven by data insights, showcase Growlife's patient-centered ethos.
3. Gunyah of Wellness (QLD) -'Closing the Gap' Award.
Gunyah of Wellness is a transformative force in culturally competent healthcare. This Aboriginal Medical Service, part of REFOCUS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cooperation, has left an indelible mark on the Sunshine Coast community since 2018. With a holistic approach and innovative programs, Gunyah excels in COVID-19 response, delivers over 1,500 Health Assessments, and pioneers community well-being initiatives. The nomination underscores Gunyah's impactful use of CAT for targeted outreach, cultural competence, and dedication to eliminating healthcare disparities.
4. Our Medical Crows Nest (NSW) - Research in General Practice Award.
Our Medical Crows Nest is pioneering work in addressing coronary artery disease (CAD) threats. The groundbreaking ESCALATE study, integrating a CAD genetic test into primary care, showcases leadership in early CAD diagnosis. Utilising PenCS tools for streamlined research, Dr Amy Ho's team's impact extends beyond trials, fostering a growing research network set to explore additional CAD biomarkers, reshaping primary care and cardiovascular health.
5. Rosedale Medical Practice (NSW) - Sustainable Business Award.
Rosedale Medical Practice’s innovative strategy, focusing on diabetes care plans tied to birth months, underscores a commitment to continuous improvement. Utilising CAT and Topbar, the practice efficiently enhances patient outcomes and practice sustainability. This holistic approach, driven by evidence, data, and patient needs, results in improved health outcomes, increased revenue, and enhanced provider well-being, showcasing the practice's dedication to environmental, societal, and economic sustainability.
6. Silky Oaks Medical Practice (QLD) -Data Quality Award.
Silky Oaks Medical Practice is addressing low-quality data collection around BMI and initiated a streamlined workflow using Topbar, involving nursing students. The approach led to a remarkable increase of 32 patients monthly with enhanced data quality, aiding in better understanding obesity prevalence. Leveraging Pen CS software, especially Topbar's PIP QI feature, Silky Oaks Medical Practice showcased innovation, commitment to improvement, and tangible impacts on health outcomes within the Australian community.
7. Sunraysia Medical Centre (VIC) - Data-driven Clinical Excellence Award.
Sunraysia Medical Centre, triumphing in the Data-driven Clinical Excellence Award, showcases remarkable contributions to osteoporosis management. Leading the innovative "Reframe program", Practice Nurse Julieanne Davey's strategy, targeting patients over 70 without prior osteoporosis diagnoses, employs DEXA scans subsidised by Medicare Australia. Utilising PenCS software, she efficiently identified 446 eligible patients, collaborated with the "Bone Bus" for scans, and ensured ongoing patient support with Prolia injections. Davey's digital expertise, meticulous planning, and proactive strategies reflect her pivotal role in advancing clinical excellence, earning her well-deserved recognition.
8. Dr Janice Tan (NSW) – Digital Innovation Award (Sponsored by Creative Careers in Medicine).
Dr Janice Tan is a GP and digital health expert who provides deep clinical insight on Australia’s primary health ecosystem to start-ups, established companies, government bodies and investment arms. Dr Tan is passionate about advocating for health technology innovation to improve workflows and reduce inefficiencies in primary care. Janice was recently recognised as one of Telstra’s Health Brilliant Women in Digital Health in 2022. Her work at Healthshare demonstrated the value of having clinicians' expertise in digital health products, to maintain safety and quality standards.  Recently, Janice helped to provide clinical oversight on Healthshare's partnership with Astra Zeneca to encourage more kidney health screening in primary care as part of chronic kidney disease prevention.
About PenCS  
PenCS, founded in 1993, is the market leader in patient to population health analytics software in primary care. An Australian-owned company, PenCS’ vision is to build a healthy Australia by supporting data-driven, outcome-oriented, patient-centred care. PenCS ecosystem includes more than 3,500 General Practices, with over 20 million patient records.  PenCS has a long history of collaborating with research organisations and government to identify and address rising risks to help reduce healthcare costs, improve patient outcomes and increase provider satisfaction at local, state and national levels. 


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