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Right way to create wealth with property
OVER the past two decades, Strategic Investors has helped more than 1,500 clients build life-changing wealth through property.
This is no accident: during the past 20 years, they’ve developed and refined a highly successful process that works for people of all ages and backgrounds.
Their clients are ordinary Australians who want to build wealth now and for retirement. But they're unsure how to get started – partly because there are so many different components to investing and partly because there are so many horror stories out there. 
What they want is a trusted adviser to show them the right path and help them take the first step.
Strategic Investors’ process involves delivering clients the right strategy, education, team and property. Thanks to this process, our typical client acquires more than three properties in a seven-year period. 
Typically, these assets average capital growth of more than 7% per annum and rental yields of more than 5% per annum.
If it sounds like we’re highly selective – you’re right. Strategic Investors would rather walk away from a property transaction than see a client get a subpar result.
Our point of difference
Strategic Investors have two key points of difference from other property groups.
The first is our experience and track record. Most property groups have been around just a few years; very few have a 20-year history like Strategic Investors. As a result, they’ve encountered an enormous number of client scenarios; worked through different economic cycles; and purchased properties through multiple property cycles. That’s allowed them to create a highly successful process that delivers results, time and time again.
The second point of difference is that they focus on the client, not the property. They find out where the client is now, where they want to get to, how they want to achieve their goal, and how their goal and timeline align with their age and risk profile. The property is the last thing we look at – because we put people into property, not property into people.
Clients deal with the one point of contact from beginning to end. This person helps the client from the initial discussion ... all the way through to them owning a property that has tenants and is collecting rental income.
Protecting clients from costly mistakes
Two of the biggest mistakes that Australians make with property investing are proceeding without a plan and expecting instant success. Strategic Investors protect clients from both these errors.
Purchasing a property without a strategic plan can be very costly, because a property that suits one investor’s unique circumstances won’t suit another’s. 
That’s why the first thing Stategic Investors does is take on a client is conduct a deep-dive into their financial position and goals. 
They then build a long-term property investment strategy and implementation plan that’s tailored for that individual investor.
Property investing has helped many Australians generate incredible wealth, but it’s a get-rich-slow rather than a get-rich-quick scheme. 
At Strategic Investors, the team educates clients about how long the wealth-building process takes. They have tools that show clients what to expect from their property over a 15-20-year horizon and how this will impact their financial position.
Thanks to their experience and guidance, Strategic Investors makes it easy for clients to purchase a great investment property and give them the reassurance that they're proceeding along the right path to achieve their goals.
Strategic Investors will be exhibiting at the 2024 Virtual Property EXPO. Reguster free and more information HERE


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