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06 February 2024 Posted by 

Game changing hearing device featuring AI to detect faint sounds comes to Blacktown

BLACKTOWN residents experiencing hearing loss can now access a new technology called Genesis AI recently launched across Australia.
In any listening situation, Genesis AI enables wearers to hear soft sounds, distinguish words and speech naturally, and they don’t need to exert effort to hear, Starkey Australia’s chief technology officer Achin Bhowmik said.
It is also the smallest and most powerful processor that operates up to four times faster than its predecessors with six times more transistors, to create better sound quality, Mr Bhowmik said.
Starkey Australia redesigned the Genesis AI from inside and out of existing hearing aids available in the healthcare market which resulted to the revolutionary hearing aid system featuring artificial technology.
“It intuitively provides optimal hearing for any listening situation, enabling wearers to hear soft sounds, distinguish words and speech more naturally, and significantly reduces their listening effort,” Mr Bhowmik said. 
“The hearing technology has been completely redesigned from the inside out, with the Genesis AI featuring an all-new processor, sound, industrial design, fitting software and patient experience. 
“For a long time, hearing aids had a single function, designed to take sound and amplify it. 
“By tapping into advanced technology, sensors, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Starkey Australia has reinvented the hearing aid to provide the best hearing experience for hearing aid wearers.” 
The technology came from intense of research by hearing care professionals in Australia and trials of 1,030 patients over the aged of 50.
Starkey president Brandon Sawalich said Starkey’s technology is leading the hearing industry in redefining the future of hearing health, not just with incremental improvements, but with breakthrough benefits. 
“Our significant breakthroughs in hearing health innovation offer infinite benefits to patients and hearing care professionals alike but most importantly empower all those experiencing hearing loss,” Mr Sawalich said.
“Our all-new, powerful processor was designed to work like the human brain, leveraging the neuroscience of the ear-brain connection and information processing to create better sound quality, pushing energy-efficient artificial intelligence to its limits, analysing and automatically optimising sound over 80 million times an hour.
“Genesis AI’s improved performance levels are unlike anything else in the industry, while doubling the battery life.” 
An estimated 3.6 million Australians have some levels of hearing loss and having an ageing population would mean hearing impairment would be a major health issue for 7.8 million people by 2060, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.
At Blacktown Hearing & Balance Centre on Richmond Road, audiometrist Josephine Khairy, who was born deaf was fitted with her first hearing aid at age seven, and having the Genesis AI system changed her life once again.
“It took me years to come to terms with wearing them, but with the incredible advancements in technology over the years and the smaller size of hearing aids, I have fully embraced wearing them all my adult life,” she said.
“The Genesis AI innovations are truly amazing they basically mimic what normal hearing would naturally do and reduce my listening effort significantly.”
For more information about Genesis AI, visit https://www.starkey.com.au 
Blacktown Hearing & Balance Centre is located at 86 Richmond Road, Blacktown NSW 2148 or call (02) 9676 8866 for your enquiries or visit, https://www.hearingandbalance.com.au/


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