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Joob and Minh. Joob and Minh.
18 December 2023 Posted by 

Thai cuisine reunites mother and daughter over love of food

ONE of Western Sydney’s culinary hotspots has not only revitalised the local Thai food scene but has also helped reignite the relationship of mother and daughter duo Joob and Minh Kesbot..
West HQ’s New Town Thai, which recently was relaunched as a 180-seat restaurant has been a key factor in growing the bonds between its Chef de Partie, Joob, and front of house team member, Minh.
Joob immigrated to Australia in 2011 and settled at Eastern Creek, hoping for a better life, while her daughter Minh remained in Thailand to pursue her own life.
Like many in the local community, Joob came across the opportunity to study English at Mount Druitt TAFE before pursuing studies in something she loved – cooking.
“I did a hospitality course so I could be qualified to get a job relating to something Ilove,” Joob said.“Once I finished my hospitality course, I straight away enrolled myself in becoming a chef,” setting out in hopes of entering a new job market.
While studying English and Hospitality at Mount Druitt TAFE, she found her true love for cooking.
Six months after her arrival, Minh also left her homeland for a life in Australia,moving into Sydney’s inner western suburbs, where she became a bit of a “foodie”,though not to the extent where she would be found in the kitchen.
“I love food, but I am not one who really enjoys cooking it,” Minh said. “So I love that mum is such a great cook.”
Joob’s interest in cooking, forged from an early age when she would help her mother prepare vegetables for the family dinner, took her to West HQ in 2019 as a casual chef at New Town Thai before her talents saw her promoted to chef de partie.
“I love everything about my role and the people at West HQ, so I suggested to Mint hat she apply for a role here,” Joob said.
Today, Minh is found serving at New Town Thai and in other service roles at West HQ, while Mum Joob is preparing the traditional Thai cuisine that the restaurant has become known for.
“We haven’t always had a strong relationship, but working together and now livingtogether, our relationship has become really strong,” Minh said. “I guess it has been forged over our love for food.”
The close relationship between the two has allowed them to reconnect personallyand helped both develop professionally.
Joob said she’s grateful for the opportunity that New Town Thai has given her: “I would not have achieved happiness without my current role”. It also helped Minh to explore career opportunities in hospitality.
Outside of work, the pair's love for food remains at the centre, particularly when itcomes to a special occasion. “Mum would always cook us to mark a special occasionor to reward us, with my favourites being whole Barramundi or Pad Thai by thework”, said Minh.


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