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21 November 2023 Posted by 

Benefits of downsizing: Most asked questions in retirement living

MEET Jenny the friendly expert at Catholic Healthcare with years of experience in the retirement living sector.
Jenny is the new village manager at St Hedwig Village and she shares her knowledge with the questions she gets asked most frequently.
Is location important?
The location of your future retirement village is a key factor when you decide to move. Location, Location, location! You should consider what amenities are in the area, and where the local hospitals, specialists and transport hubs are situated. Even if you don’t need them now, you may in the future and remember this should be the last time you will ever have to move. Moving to an area that you are familiar with takes away a lot of the stress and uncertainty. You can stay connected to the community you know and love and this includes staying not only near your family and friends, it may also mean staying close to your local doctor, community groups and shopping centre.
What are the benefits to downsizing my home and making the move?
Village living is not just about the home you move into, it’s about upgrading your lifestyle and enjoying your well-earned retirement. It’s not having to spend your money and time maintaining your aging home and worrying about the cost of repairs. Imagine enjoying a glass of wine with your friends in the village community centre or on the deck with your friends instead of mowing the lawn! How about improving your fitness and mobility in one of the group classes with other residents and friends? It’s the retirement you deserve.
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