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Glaiza De Leon. Glaiza De Leon.
15 September 2021 Posted by 

Blacktown author-mum wins two major awards

BLACKTOWN author and mum Glaiza De Leon has won two major awards for her heartwarming book that helps young, introverted children find their voices.
Glaiza was named AusMumpreneur ‘Making a Difference in Children’s Education Award’ gold winner and ‘Author Award’ silver winner.
The awards were held at an online event where talented mums in business from all over the country gathered to support and encourage other Australian mumpreneurs. 
Glaiza said she was excited to win in her categories in the 2021 Awards “against such a talented group of women”.
“I felt incredibly humbled and grateful when they announced my name. It’s not every day an introvert such as myself can be an advocate for children who struggle to find their loud voices, especially in a school setting. It means so much that through my picture book, these children are being heard and understood.” 
“It’s been inspiring meeting other women who were finalists in the awards, from many different categories. It’s an absolute honor to be a part of AusMumpreneur network and awards, that recognise mums in business. It’s uplifting and motivating, for sure.”
How the book came about
“My lifelong dream of publishing a book started 24 years ago when I was seven-years-old. Later in life, between being a mum to three young children, alongside running a successful skincare business, my author dreams were put on hold.
“But one day, my daughter came home from school in tears, 'Mummy, I Can't Find My Loud Voice. It goes super quiet when I talk to my friends. No-one can hear me, not even me.'
“As a mother and someone who resonated deeply with her words, my tears started flowing. We cried together. And then I did what I did best, and poured my emotions into words. I wrote a story to help comfort my daughter, who also loves to read.
“After I wrote my manuscript and read it to her, she instantly replied; 'can you turn it into a real book, mummy? So that other kids who can't find their loud voice like me, can read it too?”
Glaiza said it took the words of a young five-year-old to bring her author dream to life.
“It feels surreal that my achievements have been recognised so early in my author journey. It motivates me to continue sharing my work with confidence knowing that it also resonates strongly with others, even adults,” she said.
'Mummy, I Can't Find My Loud Voice' is now used as a classroom teaching resource, helping quieter kids find a sense of comfort, as well as helping more outspoken children build patience, understanding, and empathy.
Grew up in Western Sydney
Glaiza was born in the Philippines, and moved to Australia when she was one. She grew up in Western Sydney where she completed her schooling years. Throughout school she enjoyed creative projects, in particular when it came to story writing.
Young Adult fiction is her go-to genre to read, but will pick up any book that catches her eye... Including children's picture books.
A favorite pastime is sharing a bedtime story with her three young children who are ‘mini bookworms’. “Reading together is always the highlight of their day. The kids love books that are silly or heartwarming,” Glaiza said.
‘Mummy, I Can’t Find My Loud Voice’ is Glaiza’s debut children’s picture book. It was written after the conversation she had with her eldest daughter, that pulled on her heartstrings and is the main character in the story. Glaiza hopes this story will encourage children who are naturally quiet and shy at school, to find bravery, one word at a time.
Support entrepreneurs
AusMumpreneur was created to support Australian entrepreneurs like Glaiza and her fellow Award winners, cofounder of AusMumpreneur Peace Mitchell said.
“These awards are all about recognising the growing number of mums who are achieving outstanding business success while balancing motherhood.”
“I was blown away by the entrepreneurial spirit, resilience and professionalism of the award winners and I know that they will provide great inspiration for other mums considering starting their own business,” Peace said.  
This is the twelfth year the AusMumpreneur Awards have run, with the business mum community growing at lightning speed as mothers look for opportunities to join the ranks of small business owners in search of more flexibility, financial freedom and family time.
AusMumpreneur Network co-founder Katy Garner said “the awards show the passion of women who want to fulfil their entrepreneurial dreams as well as be great mums”.
More information on the AusMumpreneur Awards and the complete list of winners can be found at: www.ausmumpreneur.com


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