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Fitness trainer Sylvia Iskandar. Fitness trainer Sylvia Iskandar. Featured
04 July 2022 Posted by 


Using knowledge to make a difference
BLACKTOWN fitness trainer Sylvia Iskandar is undertaking a university degree to help Western Sydney locals flex their mental and physical muscles.
Sylvia, who lives at Guildford, runs 12RND Blacktown while also studying for a psychology degree at the Swinburn Online.
She plans to graduate from the Uni mid next year. Swinburn Online is a well-respected tertiary institution for Psychology.
It is a full workload for the devoted health and wellness worker. Sylvia chose to pursue psychology when she realised, through her work as a personal trainer that too many people get the balance between physical and mental health the wrong way round.
“One absolutely determines the other,” Sylvia said. 
As Sylvia personally trains her clients, alongside running the successful boxing fitness franchise, she said she was surprised by how many people were willing to work on their physical health but ignored their mental wellbeing.
Studying a Degree in Psychological Science, Sylvia is not looking to practice as a Psychologist, but rather to use her new knowledge to make her an even more effective trainer and help her clients achieve even stronger results. 
Sylvia opened her franchise business in October last year and despite the challenges of lockdowns I has been a great move for her.
Online study works perfectly for Sylvia and means she can pursue her goal of gaining valuable knowledge while running her own business.
And Sylvia wants to encourage other Greater Western Sydney residents  to pursue further studies.
“After time spent in lockdown, now is the time to really chase your goals.” 
The 12RND Fitness training methodology was inspired by co-founder and four time world champion boxer, Danny Green, who uses a combination of boxing skills and drills, high impact, explosive training and functional strength to stay at his peak.
Similar to most athletes, the goal is to maintain a strong standard of health and fitness and preserve physical and mental health long-term. This same principle is at the core of  12RND Fitness and what coaches share with their members.
Since the business opened their first club in Australia in 2016, they now have more than 80 clubs and over 15,000 members around the world.


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