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MIchelle Rowland. MIchelle Rowland. Featured
23 May 2022 Posted by 


I decided to become a better me
MICHELLE Rowland’s resounding win in the seat of Federal seat of Greenway on Saturday was a result of “Communication and community concern” and “becoming a better me”..
Ms Rowland celebrated and claimed victory at the Blactown RSL on Saturday night after yet again holding Greenway. She led Liberal candidate Pradeep  48.8% to 29.8% at the close of counting, increasing her healthy  margin by another 2.9%
With her young family beside her at the lectern and surrounded by supporters from many ethnic backgrounds who voted for her, Ms Rowland said since  2019 there had been “a lot of soul searching, a lot of changes and a lot of growth in me personally.”
Ms Rowland, who has held the seat since 2010,  said the ALP had succeeded with the way it communicated with people.
She said groups who would not normally align themselves with the ALP in the past came together in a community led result.
“We have done so to connect with people and make our community a better place.”
“We have had bushfires, floods and the pandemic and the toughest lockdown restrictions of just about anywhere else in Australia and that meant being a member of Parliament required you to be something new.”
Ms Rowland became the “something new“ that the community of Greenway required.
“The last three years almost to the day, I decided to become a better version of myself and I decided to put a different kind of  effort into the people of Greenway.
“As a result, this result demonstrates that was the right decision.”
“However that was not executed by me, it was executed by you,” Ms Rowland said pointing toward her supporters.
Ms Rowland said rather than calling it a campaign, it was communication and it was a dialogue, it was “a real sense of community concern.”
“The final thing I would like to say tonight is ‘we have a mandate in Greenway to do things better’,”
Ms Rowland’s main campaign policies included:
Creating a better future for all.
Investments in secure, local Western Sydney jobs.
Better infrastructur.e
A plan to make things here, in Australia.
Cheaper energy.
Better local living.
Enhanced mobile coverage.
More affordable childcare.


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