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Sydney Xtreme Dome. Sydney Xtreme Dome. Featured
15 October 2021 Posted by 


Eastern Creek indoor recreation dome
THE owners of Sydney Premier Karting Park are seeking expressions of interest to take control of the operations of Sydney Xtreme Dome.
The Dome is a unique, air-filled dome on the Eastern Creek property - the only one of its kind in Australia.

Built at a cost of $6.5M, the US-manufactured facility stands 10 storeys high and has a floorplan of 9,900 square metres.
Following the original tenant going into liquidation, Eastern Creek Karts Pty Ltd has taken ownership of the facility after several lengthy court cases that have now been resolved. It has been named Sydney Xtreme Dome.
Managing Director, Garry Holt says his company is engaging a town planner to adjust the development application that sits with Blacktown City Council so Sydney Xtreme Dome can become a high-profile recreation facility that can be utilised for any number of different indoor purposes. 
“We’ve taken control of Sydney Xtreme Dome on our property and are looking to engage an operator that can make it a success,” said Holt. 
“We’re offering what is effectively a large platform, blank canvas on prime land that is centrally accessible to Sydney’s highest density of population. Not only is there 9,900 square metres on the floor, vertically, the dome sits 10 storeys high at its centre - so it can be used for indoor sports or any number of uses.
“The whole Sydney Premier Karting Park facility is geared specifically for major events, with parking on site for hundreds of vehicles and numerous hotels and other facilities within minutes of the location.
“We also have control of the outside of the Dome and are seeking companies that would like to use the space to advertise. The space delivers television exposure through the events at Sydney Motorsport Park. It is visible from several key camera positions.
“Almost 200,000 vehicles travel past our venue each day on the M4 Motorway and can clearly see Sydney Xtreme Dome and the signage on it. 
“It is a unique offering. The Sydney Xtreme Dome structure is the only one of its kind in Australia. Inside there is a welcome centre, along with offices and the floorspace.”
Currently, the DA reads that The Dome is: 
“Recreational facility indoors. Building or a place used predominantly for indoor recreation, whether or not operated for the purposes of gain, including a squash court, indoor swimming pool, gymnasium, table tennis centre, health studio, bowling alley, ice rink or any other building or place of a like character used for indoor recreation, but does not include an entertainment facility a recreational facility (major) or registered club. The DA is approved for cafes, offices, storage areas and merchandising shop.”
Garry Holt said: “I am currently engaging with a town planner to adjust the development application to modify the specific uses for the existing DA.”
Possible uses he suggests for Sydney Xtreme Dome include: expos, cultural events, conventions, lifestyle expos, bull riding events, charity events, product launches, trade shows, indoor cinema experiences, school events, BMX events, an indoor Oktoberfest, indoor golf, indoor snow skiing, a trampoline park, indoor go karts, indoor motocross bikes or wedding venue.
The facility is visible from the M4 Motorway, which sees almost 200,000 vehicles pass daily.
The Sydney Premier Karting Park on the same property as Sydney Xtreme Dome is Sydney’s leading corporate hire kart facility with hundreds of multinational and local companies using the facility for corporate entertainment every year. 
It has hosted the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Usain Bolt and Tom Cruise, along with being used as a stepping stone in the careers of many Australian international motorsport stars, including Daniel Ricciardo.
Onsite parking is available for hundreds of cars, which is scalable depending on the chosen operation.
Sydney Premier Karting Park/Eastern Creek Karts has been in operation for nearly 25 years. 
Sydney Xtreme Dome was manufactured in the USA then assembled on site at a cost of $6.5M. The climate-controlled membrane is air-filled. 
To receive more information on becoming a tenant of Sydney Xtreme Dome, contact Garry Holt - garryholt26@hotmail.com 


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