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16 September 2021 Posted by 


Riverstone community launches Dollars for Dignity $10
THE Riverstone community will give a shout out to their mates as the Dollars for Dignity $10 Weekend fundraising drive kicks of this weekend from September 17-19.
Dollars for Dignity is aiming to get 1000 people to donate $10 to support people in the Riverstone district in Sydney’s North West who are really struggling during Covid lockdowns.
Dollars for Dignity is about giving people the dignity of choice. All donations go to Riverstone Neighbourhood Centre (BNC) and will used support local community members who need it most.
The Dollars for Dignity $10 weekend is an example of a local community coming together to support each other. 
RNC CEO, Angela Van Dyke said: “The latest round of Covid lockdowns has seen a growing number of our community really struggle.
"Our emergency support team is currently getting over 150 calls per week from people looking for things like food and other resources just to stay alive. 
"Many of the calls are coming from people who have never needed social support before and despite their hardship, they are often reluctant to ask for help. The $10 weekend will not only provide critical financial support, it helps our community realise they’re not alone.
“Dollars for Dignity gives back the dignity of choice for these people.”
This campaign is an initiative of the Riverstone Schofields & Districts Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc to ensure both residents and the business community are getting the assistance they need during this difficult time.
According to Chamber President and RNC Board member, Sue Lawrence: “Riverstone has a resilient community but many of our businesses are struggling from the last 2 years of business interruption.
“The combination of lockdowns in 2020, flooding and now being forced into an extended lockdowns in an LGA of concern have meant businesses that are normally quite profitable go to the wall.
"We understand that our local community is the lifeblood of our businesses, My community is our community. 
“During these challenging times the Riverstone Chamber of Commerce has tried to support not only our own business but the wider community.
“We understand that everyone is stretched so we are not looking for big donations. Shouting your mate a round was common not that long ago, so we thought a $10 weekend would give our community a chance to shout a mate who really needs it.”
Donating is easy, simply visit: Dollars for Dignity (raisely.com)
About Riverstone Neighbourhood Centre
The Riverstone Neighbourhood Centre and Community Aid is a not-for-profit organisation that provides Emergency relief to Blacktown Northwest through the generosity of our Businesses and community members. It has provided community aid services since 1977. It provides help for families and community, aging and disability support and gambling services.
About the Riverstone, Schofields & Districts Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc.
The Riverstone Schofields & Districts Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc is a collective of local business in the centre of the North West Growth Area of Sydney, NSW. The Chamber provides members with networking opportunities, member benefits and discounts, business support and advice, and the chance to have your views represented at local, state and national levels through the Chamber’s on-going lobbying activity.


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