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25 August 2021 Posted by 


Congratulations to the people of Blacktown
I WOULD like to congratulate the people of Blacktown City for getting vaccinated in their thousands.
Just three weeks ago, Blacktown local government area had a very low vaccination rate, well below the state average. 
We also had high numbers of positive COVID 19 test results and of course, Blacktown City is an area of concern living within tighter restrictions and a night curfew.
While we are all still living under those tighter restrictions, Blacktown City is now recording among the highest rates of vaccinations not only in NSW, but Nationally.
Our residents are playing a huge role in helping NSW achieve those 70 and 80 per cent vaccination rates, so crucial in easing the lockdowns and allowing us to reunite with family and friends.
For several weeks we have been calling for a mass vaccination hub to be established in Blacktown City. Council is offering to provide a large venue and all non-medical staff at no cost to NSW Health.
But at the time of writing this, there was still no positive response from the NSW Government. Imagine how much higher vaccination rates would be if we had a mass vaccination centre within easy reach of our residents.
Our community clinics, pharmacies and GPs are doing a terrific job but I was deeply disappointed that the Government chose to ignore Council’s offer.
New citizens virtual
Our city prides itself on its diversity and multicultural harmony. This is no more evident than at Council’s online citizenship ceremonies. 
Every two weeks on Saturday in August and September I have joined fellow Councillors and local Members of Parliament
in presiding over ‘virtual’ citizenships ceremonies.
Seven sessions are held on each day, with our new citizens joining the ceremony from their homes, or even in one case, from their hospital bed.
It is truly such a great pleasure to welcome to Blacktown City around 450 new citizens on each day. The pride they show in becoming true Australians while still retaining their uniques cultures is truly wonderful.
Tony Bleasdale is Mayor of Blacktown.


Michael Walls
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