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 Artist and designer Bianca Beers from Blacktown. Artist and designer Bianca Beers from Blacktown. Featured
14 July 2021 Posted by 


Late bloomer Bianca designs for 9,000 staff
BWS has unveiled new outfits for its 9,000 store team members nationally after collaborating with three Australian designers.
Team members will get to choose which artist’s designs to adorn their t-shirts as part of a wider revamp of BWS work wardrobes.
“We want our team members to feel empowered and wear clothes that reflect their personality and style,” said BWS Managing Director Scott Davidson about the new initiative. 
Artist and designer Bianca Beers from Blacktown is an artist and designer specialising in digital illustration, and was chosen as one of the three designers for the collaboration.
“Bianca has a really unique style, and her illustrations are fun and positive, which is why we chose her as one of the designers to collaborate with,” said BWS Head of Marketing Vanessa Rowed.
For the new BWS outfits, Bianca decided to create an elaborate illustration about the art and magic of cocktail making.
“I‘m a cocktail gal myself, and I find mixology really interesting,”  Bianca said. 
“Something about it reminds me of potions and apothecaries back in the day. I really ran with that concept, and included the tools and ingredients used in many cocktails in my illustration, while also including the ancient alchemy symbolism for certain elements such as fire and air,” she added. 
Her illustration will now be featured on the new look t-shirts for thousands of BWS store team members across the country. 
“I hope BWS team members feel fly wearing my design! I tried to create something lowkey that had a bit of a band-tee vibe, while also playing homage to the craft of cocktail making,” she said. 
Having launched her design career in 2017, Bianca describes herself as a ‘late bloomer’.
“I had always loved art and design, but I didn't get into it as a career until my late 20s. Before then, I was studying at uni, travelling, working retail jobs and not really sure of my direction,” she recalled. 
She decided to take a course in design, and after that, took a leap of faith and started her own design business.
"I did design work on the side of my day job for a couple of years until I had built up enough of a client base. Now I'm full-time working from my at-home studio! I love it because I'm my own boss, I get to meet some amazing and interesting people, and I get to spend all my time creating fun and beautiful things for people to enjoy,” she said. 
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