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22 June 2021 Posted by 


Realities of the 2021 State Budget
THE Berejiklian Government has once again revealed where its priorities are, and these priorities DO NOT lie in Blacktown.
The NSW Government has released its Budget for 2021. Inside the Budget we see minimal funding allocated towards Western Sydney and virtually zero funding allocated in the Electorate of Prospect. 
The Electorate of Prospect is in dire need of funding to better resource its schools and health care.
There is a health crisis at Blacktown Hospital. Staffing and resources at Blacktown Hospital have not kept up with population growth in Western Sydney. The NSW Budget allocates nothing towards Blacktown Hospital.
Western Sydney desperately needs a dedicated Palliative Care Wards. Experts fear that the announced funding for Palliative Care will be lost in the budget of local health districts.
Schools in the Electorate of Prospect have fallen behind other areas of Sydney.Thousands of children are crammed in demountables, while schools in Sydney’s North and East take precedence.
The NSW Government have only pledged recurrent funding for Schools in the Electorate of Prospect. There is no additional funding for school infrastructure, no additional classrooms and no new teacher positions.
It should not matter whether you live. Families should have equal access to well-resourced health and education services.
Your postcode should not determine your opportunities.
We have tragically lost four infants in 18 month sat Blacktown Hospital due to a lack of resourcing. That is four infants too many. This is a disappointing Budge for families in Blacktown.
DR HUGH MCDERMOT  is the State Member for Prospect. Visit: www.hughmcdermott.com


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