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08 June 2024 Posted by 


Blacktown's future is strong and sustainable
By Mayor of Blacktown City, BRAD BUNTING. 
I AM honoured, though it is with a heavy heart, to have been chosen to be Mayor of Blacktown City Council.
Tony Bleasdale will always be part of the Blacktown family, the principles and purpose with which he led our Council remain clear and will continue to guide our path.
I am committed to continue to the important work begun withy Tony Bleasdale as Mayor. Our Council will continue to deliver high quality community services and facilities.
Blacktown City has a strong and sustainable future.
Our 2024/25 budget lays out the blueprint to maintain the delivery of Council’s essential services, along with the infrastructure the community needs.
We have struck a balance between meeting the increasing needs of our City, and maintaining Council’s financial sustainability. 
I encourage you to visit one of Council’s libraries to have a look and then have your say on the draft Budget and Council Operational Plan. 
Our job is clear. Council must continue to seek new opportunities for our 435,000 residents and help foster an environment for business to thrive, and for the investment and new jobs to follow in the years ahead.
We are the heart of Western Sydney and I will continue to strongly advocate to improve the lives and equity of all who live and work in Blacktown City and greater Western Sydney. 
We will finish what Mayor Tony Bleasdale began, the transformation of Blacktown City for all our futures. 
Council is revitalising our City’s town centres.
In the centre of Mount Druitt, we will create a network of attractive, activated, safe public spaces. We shall see a thriving retail, commercial and residential town centre. 
Council will put a new Community Resource Hub in the heart of Seven Hills town centre. The Blacktown Aquatic Centre and Mount Druitt Swimming Centre will be upgraded and become modern facilities for the health and well being of our Community. 
The revitalisation of the Blacktown City Centre is moving ahead, work is underway on the Blacktown health and medical precinct adjacent to our city centre and Blacktown Hospital. 
And of course, there is Blacktown Quarter, private investment from Walker Corporation which will generate thousands of new jobs and new, quality development for the benefit of all.
Council is committed to strong consultation with our community. I know that our residents and businesses are interested and engaged.
I look forward to meeting you at our pop-up community forums across our city over the weeks ahead. Look out for more details on Council’s Website and Facebook Page. 


Michael Walls
0407 783 413

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