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Peter Powerss. Peter Powerss.
12 April 2024 Posted by 

Peter Powers, the world’s funniest hypnotist at Workers

PETER Powers is back with a show that’s funnier than ever, packed with comedy and laughter-inducing routines.
You can join in the onstage antics, as a volunteer, or sit back and enjoy the hilarity and laughter with the audience.
Watch, as hypnotised people become popular Hollywood Characters, speak in foreign languages, become elite martial artists, and a many more fun-filled, sometimes exotic, outrageously funny, new sketches.
Peter is performing Blacktown Workers on Saturday, May 11.
His live stage show draws crowds much larger than any other hypnotist in every one of the countries he performs, making him ‘the biggest box-office hypnotist’.
Peter Powers is well known for his antics on TV such as The Power Of One, The Footy Show, Big Brother, and his own series Mesmerised.
Referred to as “a comedy genius”, “a hypnotist without equal” and “the best in the business”, Peter delights in the antics of his hapless volunteers almost as much as his audiences.
Peter says Australia is his favourite place to perform, the people there are mad, outrageous and push themselves to the edge.
The Channel 7 TV Show Mesmerised is currently being broadcast, weekly, on 7Flix. Such appearances will coincide with his live touring.
Whilst his volunteers live out their wildest fantasies or experience their worst fears, the audience is thoroughly entertained as they indulge themselves in this bittersweet adventure!
For just a short while, Peter Powers invites the participants to escape the drudgery and woes of the world to be treated to a wonderful state of bliss, fantasy and ultimate relaxation of both the body and mind while the audience enjoys a night of hilarious entertainment with jaw-aching laughter. 
Don’t miss Peter’s Show at Blacktown Workers on Saturday May 11.


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