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Riverstone MP Michael Kirby speaks to residents at a community meeting about the Town Centre Masterplan.. Riverstone MP Michael Kirby speaks to residents at a community meeting about the Town Centre Masterplan.. Featured
31 January 2024 Posted by 


MP leading charge for town centre revamp
RIVERSTONE is set to get a new lease of life with a plan to revamp the town centre.
Member for Riverstone Warren Kirby said input from the community began last month and was now well under way.
The Town Centre Masterplan is a collaborative process with residents, community groups, the Member for Riverstone, the Department of Planning and Environment, the NSW Reconstruction Authority and Blacktown City Council.
"I am thrilled that Minister Scully has welcomed my proposal, as the local MP, to commence a local community engagement process so we can get cracking on developing ideas for a new Riverstone Town Centre Masterplan," Mr Kirby said.
"This marks a pivotal moment for our community, and I am committed to working closely with the Minister, our residents and other stakeholders to develop a masterplan that revitalises our town centre.
“The aim is to create a thriving hub where people can live, work and enjoy all that Riverstone has to offer." 
Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, Paul Scully, welcomed Mr Kirby’s initiative.
He said community engagement will be a cornerstone of the new masterplan's development.
“Warren Kirby, your local MP, is making sure that the voices and perspectives of Riverstone's residents are heard and will be incorporated into this planning process,” Mr Scully said.
Mr Kirby said opportunities for the community to provide feedback began last month and would continue throughout 2024.
They will include workshops, surveys and public meetings. 
The Riverstone Town Centre Masterplan will consider a range of critical factors including: 
Anticipated growth in Riverstone's population;
The evolving needs of the local community; 
Opportunities for economic development and job creation;
Preserving and enhancing the town’s rich heritage; and 
Ensuring the new Masterplan complies with current planning regulations.
"I wholeheartedly encourage all Riverstone residents and businesses to actively participate in the community engagement process that I am starting and contribute their valuable insights into shaping the future of our town centre," Mr Kirby said.
"This is an opportunity to work together and create a Riverstone we can all be proud of, a place that reflects our community's aspirations and embodies the spirit of our town." 
The community engagement phase for the Riverstone Town Centre Masterplan is expected to continue for approximately three months. 
To find out more you can email riverstone@parliament.nsw.gov or phone Mr Kirby’s office on 8883 3499.


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